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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I no longer live at home?
Our service is designed for people who are still living in the community.
If you are living with a carer or in self-care units, you are still eligible.
If you enter full-time care e.g. at a hostel or nursing home, you are
no longer eligible.

Can my carer or friend be there when I am assessed to attend Social Groups?
Yes, we want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible – you
may also want someone you trust to ring on your behalf initially.

Is there a waiting list?
Sometimes there may be a short waiting time before a place becomes available
at the groups.

Can I attend if I am in a wheelchair?
Yes! We have wheelchair accessible transport and our venues are appropriate
for access with wheelchairs.

What if I need help getting around in the Centre?
All of our centres are wheelchair accessible so there are no stairs and
the toilets all have rails. All of our seating is safe and comfortable.
Some people need assistance as they move around the Centre or in accessing
the toilets. Our staff are there to help.

Can I bring a carer with me to the Social Group?
We understand that it can be daunting meeting new people in a new place
but be assured that we will help people to settle in quickly. You might
find it reassuring to have a carer come with you to the first session
to see what we do at the Centre.

What happens if I find it difficult to pay?
If you are experiencing financial hardship or feel you cannot afford
the service, special arrangements can be made. Services will still
be made available to you even if you are unable to pay.

What sort of meals are provided?
There is always a hot meal and they are generally suitable for all tastes. Meals are mostly
old favourites such as baked dinners, corned beef with white sauce or casserole
with roast vegetables. Dessert could be sticky date pudding, fruit salad or bread’n’butter
pudding with ice cream. This will probably be the main meal of the day as the meals are
filling and the serving sizes are substantial. There is always the option of a salad, soup and roll, or a sandwich if the main meal doesn’t appeal.

What if I need a special diet?
We are happy to cater for all dietary requirements and regularly have diabetic,
gluten free or vegetarian meals available It is important that any special dietary
requirements are made clear at the time of the initial assessment (or as soon
as they arise). We also understand that some medical conditions and abilities
require special attention at meal times and we are happy to cater for this.

Can I bring my own food?
While it is possible to bring your own food we usually find that this
is not necessary as we endeavour to meet all needs.

If I can’t come along for a few weeks
because I am sick or go away, will I lose my place?

No, you will not. We will hold your place for you for up to 3 months
until you are able to return.

If Social Groups are not suitable for me what other help is available?
If Wingecarribee Adult Day Centres are not able to assist you, the
Executive Officer will let you know of other available services and arrange a
referral if necessary.


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